Who is Dennis Cobb?

August 7, 2015

Attack Table Tennis is providing support to Dennis Cobb Sr. and Dennis Cobb Jr.

We are proud to share the profiles of these table tennis players who are father and son. Dennis Cobb Sr. started playing table tennis at the Pontiac Boy’s Club over thirty years ago. He outgrew his competition there and found a table tennis handicap team league at Pontiac Central High School. This was in the late 1970’s and the league was run by the late Perc Secord. This was Dennis’ first exposure to organized table tennis. Fifteen years ago he began training with former Yugoslavian Junior’s coach and United States Olympic Women’s coach Jonice Bosika at the Davison Athletic Club. Jon Bosika developed world class players such as Zoran Primorac and many times U.S. champion Ilija Lupelesku. These two players won the Olympic Silver medal in men’s doubles in 1988.


Dennis says it was through Jon’s coaching he learned how the game should be played. During the past seven years, Dennis has traveled and trained with Jon at the National Training Center in Constanta, Romania along the Black Sea coast with the Romanian National Team. That team includes top players such as Andrei Filimon, Antonella Manac and the new 2009 European Champion Doubles pair, Elizabeta Samara and Daniela Dodean. Romanian national coach Viorel Filimon runs the National Training Center with his assitant coach Lilliana Sebe. Dennis participated in drills lead by those coaches.


On March 20, 2005 he achieved one of his goals by winning the Singles Championship (The Chuck Burns Cup) for the State of Michigan. In 2006 he was the State’s Doubles Champion with partner Donnie Hinshaw. Dennis’s Cobb Jr. is a sophomore in high school. He trains with Jonice Bosika too at the Davison Athletic Club. In a few short months of playing and training this lefty has displayed a natural talent for the sport. Dennis’s speed, quickness, topspin, creativity and determination could lead to a championship in the future. Besides table tennis, Dennis’s other hobbies include Jiu Jitsu, computers, art, science, and video games.



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