Please Support Dennis Cobb Jr.

August 24, 2015

This talented young man has the God given ability to become the first African American to compete for a gold medal in the 2020 Olympic Games. The first stepping stone is to qualify for the United States National Table Tennis Team, and the odds of him making the team are in his favor.

He is known as one of the best players in Michigan, with a table tennis rating of 2300. In order to make the U.S. National Team, he has to become a 2400 player. This is doable with more training, he has the potential to become an Olympian. Unfortunately, equipment, overseas training, professional coaching, table tennis camps, all cost money. Sometimes we need help to achieve our goals.

Dennis Jr. needs funding for weekly table tennis lessons, preferably twice a week, training camps, and local and state-wide tournaments. His journey to become an Olympian is quite expensive, so please consider assisting Dennis Jr. in achieving his goal.

Here is how it all breaks down:

►Professional Coaching  $8,000.

►Training Camps  $5,000.

►Tournaments  $1,800.

►Equipment  $2,500.

►Shoes/Clothing  $2,000.

►Lodging  $3,000.

►Food/Shelter  $1,800.

►Overseas Training  $1,200.

►Accommodations  $2000.

►Flights  $3000.

►Extra Baggage Fees  $400.

►Transportation  $500.

With the support and financial help from his believers, friends, family and his community, Dennis’s dream of going to the Olympics as the first African American table tennis player is realistic. Let’s make his dream become today’s reality. Please give.

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