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dennis_cobb_jr_20110618_1468169728Dennis Cobb Jr. was born in 1994 in Detroit, Michigan. In 2003, Dennis Jr. moved with his family to Grand Blanc, Michigan. He took an interest in table tennis at the age of 2, following in the footsteps of his father. He started playing and winning table tennis matches in 2008. At age 13, Dennis Jr. was the table tennis gold medalist in the Flint Olympian and Can USA Games, and won the gold in the doubles with his sister Tempest Cobb as his partner. Dennis Cobb Jr., began intensive table tennis training at age 14.

He went on to have continuous wins at the local tournaments sponsored by the Davison Table Tennis Club at ages 15 and 16 and also held the title as the number one junior player in the State of Michigan at the ages of 16 and 17.

At age 17 he was the youngest player in Michigan to win the Men’s singles open at the Davison Athletic Club. In dennis_cobb_jr_is_sponsored_by_attack_table_tennis_20110618_12399029952013, at age 18, Dennis held the record as the youngest player ever to have won the most Men’s Singles Open at the Davison Athletic Club. In 2015, Dennis Jr., at age 20, became the State of Michigan Runner-Up table tennis champion.

Currently, Dennis competes each month at the Davison Athletic Club table tennis tournaments and has the most wins in his age group in the men’s U2100, U2250 and the Singles Open.

When Dennis is not competing, he considers it his obligation to give back to the community. He enjoys teaching table tennis fundamentals to inter-city youth, adults, his peers and anyone who wants to learn the sport. Teaching others is rewarding and Dennis considers it a privilege to share his love of table tennis with others.

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