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Dennis Cobb Jr. Table Tennis Profile

This energetic 20-year-old is a challenging player in competition and his forehand strokes are a threat in any table tennis competition. Dennis is a threat at the Annual Michigan Close Table Tennis Championships in 2016. The USA Table Tennis (USATT) ranked Dennis as the 3rd top player in Michigan as of August 25, 2015. In the near

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Please Support Dennis Cobb Jr.

This talented young man has the God given ability to become the first African American to compete for a gold medal in the 2020 Olympic Games. The first stepping stone is to qualify for the United States National Table Tennis Team, and the odds of him making the team are in his favor. He is

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Who is Dennis Cobb?

Attack Table Tennis is providing support to Dennis Cobb Sr. and Dennis Cobb Jr. We are proud to share the profiles of these table tennis players who are father and son. Dennis Cobb Sr. started playing table tennis at the Pontiac Boy’s Club over thirty years ago. He outgrew his competition there and found a

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High Intensity Table Tennis?

The concept has definitely been proven in bodybuilding and strength environments and it’s started to become accepted in endurance and fitness circles as well. The question I’m interested in is, can we find a way to adapt table tennis practice to fit the high-intensity model? The need for it is clear! Table tennis is a

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